“Thank you for your hard work and effort you put into every project. You will be missed dearly.”

Billy Dulay, Manager at DulaySeymour


“A very gifted, very Dutch, brilliantly witty, first generation groovyman.”

Chris Birt, Creative director at ABDillon


“You are a creative with an amazing pen and when the going gets tough you handle stress incredibly well.”

Sicco Beerda, Creative director at Kingsday


“You’re very independent. When you run into issues you don’t dump it back in my lap, but find the solution yourself.”

Cyriel Wigbels, Manager at Bouman Reclame and also my dad


“You’ve got a lot of talent in you. I see great things in your future.”

Wim ter Horst, Manager at Digidee


“You’re always looking for ways to improve yourself and are very open to feedback.”

Cor Schipper, Manager at Pitch Advertising



Lex Stomphorst, Manager at HPC Concept gave me this – Nuff said