The Hyundai i40 is filled to the brim with all the accessories normally only found in luxury cars. What else is there left to add? We looked to James Bond for inspiration.


Hyundai will build three special i40’s, with one incredible accessory build in. Will it be a car that can go underwater, a jet propelled car or a car that can ski? The public decides on a special website, which showcases all the incredible and the normal accessories that these i40’s feature.


While they really liked the concept, Hyundai preferred the other proposal:




In order to make it tangible how many accessories are standard with the i40, a challenge was given to the public: if you can name them all in 40 seconds you get an i40, for free!


What makes it hard is not just the sheer number of accessories and the fact that you have to name their full descriptions, but you have to make sure that the Google voice recognition has confirmed that you’ve checked them all off.


This idea won over the ‘Incredible Accessories’ concept, mainly because of its simplicity. The sheer amount of stuff crammed into the i40 is very much the star.


Still, I would have liked to have build an underwater car…