It’s great being multi-talented, but there is a danger in becoming a Jack of all trades, master of none. I feel that design is not my strongest aspect. Not that I’m bad at it, it’s just there are other people who are even better at it. And I felt it was too limiting to make it my specialty.


I have done a lot of design over the years, and could have easily filled my portfolio with IDs, leaflets, annual reports, brochures and what not. Instead I just have this collection of various posters I’ve done for Podium Asteriks. First of all, these were all done for free, as the venue is a small-scale operation and I like to give back.


Secondly, I like how diverse the posters are. I tend to listen to the music of the performing artist and be inspired by that. In a way so the audience has some clue, as to what the music of the hardly known acts are like.


So while I know my way around Creative Suite and can perfectly produce a certified PDF, it’s one of my talents I undersell, because in the end my heart lies with campaigns and concepts.