Making youths care about their health and weight isn’t easy. But it can be a lot of fun.


For JOGG – a national organisation promoting physical well being to children and youngsters – I helped develop a few ideas that used different means to achieve the same goal.


One of those ideas was that almost everybody can get into sprinting. If you can run, anything can be a sprint track. We tied this in with the rising star of sprint champion Dafne Schippers. With the European Athletics Championships coming to Amsterdam and the Olympics in Rio a month later, the timing was perfect.


The result: ‘100 meters for Dafne’. A simple challenge, through which you experience the joy of running and show your support for Dafne. All you had to do was measure 100 meters, run the distance, make a photo (to share) and nominate two others.


Soon our site started filling with participants and organisations that nominated others. Our initial goal of 10.000 participants was met within a few weeks and in the end over 77.000 people ended up running and sharing their 100 meter run.



The other idea I’d like to quickly showcase is the cooperation between JOGG and Spa, which aims to promote the drinking of water among teens. We joined up with Teske, an influential with the target group, who produced a special remix, which gathered 120K+ views and launched the ‘7 days of water’-challenge, which lets teens experience how refreshing water can be.