I’ve been an ideas man my whole life. I love to discover new things and connect them in innovative ways. I work hard and am a perfectionist, but also strive to be sociable and fun to be around with. I come installed with my own brand of humor.


I studied graphic design, graduating in 1998. Quite quickly I developed my skills and became an art director, which is how I’ve advertised myself throughout most of my career. More recently I’ve switched to calling myself a copywriter. But mostly I’m a creative. A one man advertising army.


I love the creative aspect of my work, but to me the most important things is that it works. Does it sell the product? Does it convey the right message to the right people? It’s the result that counts in the end.


Of course there is much more to tell and discuss, which I’d love to do – in depth – in person. You can contact me via email.