Welcome to your number one official endorsed source for all things Coert. Coert A. Wigbels, to be precise. Zany Dutch guy. It doesn't get any better than this, people. Unfortunately.

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Award winning, all singing

Blog to the nines 9 is, as you may have guessed, the ninth iteration of my website. Since 2008 I've been adding pages to this Flash based wonder of the Internets.

It is a blog of some sorts. A digital black book of ideas, thoughts and experiments. It hasn't been tested on animals. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get it anyway.

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Seventh's heaven

Coertcom7 Archive

If words are deeds and a picture says more than a thousand words, image what design can say, as it combines both words and pictures. How cool is that? Best of both worlds. Just image what you can do with such endless possibilities and power?

Then be slightly let down when you find out what I managed to do with it. Oh, and it's mostly in Nederlands, sorry.

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Advertising portfolio

Work that works

When I'm not out and about sailing the seven seas, which quite frankly never happens, I tend to make my money thinking up clever advertising ideas.

Really clever, witty, bright and smart ideas!

It may not be as exciting as being a sailor, but there's way less scurvy involved.

Man behind the myth

The story of Coert

The success story that is Coert today, had its humble beginnings in the north of the Netherlands. Here the flat landscape taught him to keep his eye on the horizon. Unfortunately for the artist in him, he had a fairly happy childhood. Filled with lots of friends, playing outside and tons of Lego. Adversity just never took a liking to him.

At age seventeen, he left for distant shores. He returned a year later, but the American twang never left his English accent. Nor the desire for deep immersion into foreign cultures. After successfully getting a college degree in graphic design, Coert quickly worked his way up to the position of art director, at various advertising agencies around the globe. Now with copywriting skills added he's considered a one man advertising army.

You can follow him on the twitter or send him an email.